Dragon Breath Lighter

Dragon Breath Lighter

Dragon Breath Lighter

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This Unique Fire Starter Stays Lit Even Under Water!


Can’t keep your matchsticks or lighters lit on a cold and windy day?

See the difference with this reliable Dragon Breath Lighter!

This water and wind-resistant lighter will provide you with the reliability that you need to get a campfire going even in the direst conditions.

Fuelled completely via kerosene oil to ensure that the match stays lit even when it’s submerged underwater.

It’s a must-have fire starter for every survival kit.

Conquer the outdoors, rain, and tempestuous winds with this remarkable Dragon Breath Lighter.


Compact Durable And Convenient To Use!

Dragon Breath Lighter

Compact, durable, and hangs conveniently with your keys.


Product Specifications:

Material: Metal

Net Weight: 40g

Size: 63*18*16 mm

Package Content:
1x Dragon Breath Lighter

It’s extremely easy to use and stays lit even under harsh conditions.

Keep a fire ready anywhere on the go and instantly light up your camp with the amazing Dragon Breath Lighter.


Stays Lit Even When Submerged Under Water!

Dragon Breath Lighter

Stays lit even when submerged in water.

It uses a magnesium core striker that is fuelled with kerosene oil to ensure that it stays lit even when it’s submerged in water.

Built with a refillable decorated stainless steel case to provide you with a stylish keychain that is durable enough to last for years.

Each weather-resistant striking rod is fitted with a flammable cotton core that can be ignited up to 10,000 times.

It’s an essential lighter for camping and outdoor activities. 

Conquer the elements and get a fire going even when your environment is against you, with the amazing Dragon Breath Lighter now!


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