Attract couples bracelets

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Please note package includes two bracelets. Please do remember to write two names.

The wedding anniversary is coming soon? Valentine's Day is coming soon? But you still don’t know what kind of gift you should give him/her? Now, The Pet Pillow will solve this problem perfectly for you.

Couple Magnetic Bracelet, the custom bracelets can be engraved with your name and his/her name, as well as the name of your common pet, making your bracelet unique. In addition, each bracelet also has a hemispherical magnet. When the two bracelets meet, they will attract each other and it is difficult to separate, just like you in love.

Whether it’s a silver engraved ring or a rose gold engraved ring, your name and date will be engraved on both of you, so that when you or he/she see this bracelet, they will think of each other as if he/she has been there. Like that around you.

This bracelet is suitable for your girlfriend/boyfriend. It will be suitable for any place, whether it is a graduation ceremony or a party. It is also a very good jewelry bracelet in daily life.

Material: nylon rope + stainless steel
Size: 5 x 17.5 mm
inside diameter: 60~85 mm

Please note:
The size of the bracelet can be adjusted manually


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